Bill Powers started his podcast/mining stock website much the same way we did. The financial crisis hit and he was looking for options. But Bill didn't just stop there. He got deep into the weeds and became a mining stock expert. Now he's keeping busy interviewing mining company CEO's and mining stock experts. And he's become a bit of an expert himself in the process. One thing is certain, the mining industry plays a vital role in our capitalistic system and is very under-followed and under-appreciated. Bill is doing his part to change all that. 

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Lior Gantz run He's bullish on three impressive stocks. They hold the potential for large gains ahead. Two of them are currently paying dividends. And they're all trading at low valuations when considering the returns. Lior doesn't see large returns ahead for precious metals or cryptos, but believes they will shine again. It's just a matter of time. 

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According to Kenneth Ameduri of AI has become an unstoppable force. It's going to permeate all aspects of society, from the military to medical, to the transport industry. The changes are coming rapidly. It will be a profound disrupter of society. Imagine your daily commute turning into a conference opportunity once you're freed from the mundane drive to work. And that's just one example. Medical applications could lead to much better diagnosis and treatment of disease and thereby extending life spans. And it could lead to a universal basic income to all displaced members of society. If you're in college or thinking about it, you need to take a close look at AI. There will be winners and losers. Prepare for it and be a winner. 

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