Danielle believes that there's a technological revolution coming in transportation. Tesla is leading it. But that doesn't mean you should run out and buy the stock. There's a point where a good company's stock becomes extremely risky and clearly Tesla is there. But technological revolution always comes at a price. 

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Lew Weiss joined us for a discussion of taxes, the economy and the latest on manufacturing and employment. Right now everything is headed up. The market seems to have gotten over its protectionist jitters. The outlook for manufacturing employment is quite bullish and there's a shortage of qualified employees. Starting salaries for welders is $70,000 and in certain specialties can top $150k. There's too many jobs and not enough applicants. 

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These days, in those rare moments when I find myself feeling down, I go to YouTube and watch the election night coverage of Trump’s shocking surprisevictory. To me there’s nothing more uplifting than watching the mainstream media completely blow it and then go into a pronounced sense of morning, uncontrollable rage and total meltdown. Seeing the likes of pseudo-intellectual whining talking head Rachel Maddow on the brink of tears and a psychotic breakdown is good as nectar from the gods. It’s not that I’m a raving Trump fan (I’m not) or the fact that I called Trump the likely winner in July 2015 (I did) that brings such joy to my heart, but rather that Trump epitomizes the ability of the human spirit to prevail over all obstacles and to achieve to what the naysayers is an impossiblevictory. It’s kind of like being in on an inside joke that none of your friends or relatives get.

Big news coming out from Spygate. And more...

Here's some entertaining links. 







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