Timothy Trainer is extremely alarmed about the counterfeiting epidemic. The global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022, with job losses totaling in excess of 5 million. Counterfeiting is a growing and increasingly dangerous global problem. It can threaten the health, safety and livelihoods of consumers, as well as the economic competitiveness of the territories in which they live.

The call has been made for Government to do more. Have they answered? What can they do to control these numbers? As usual the answer lies with technology and perhaps the blockchain. 

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Martin Armstrong joined us today for a review of the global economic landscape. Hurricanes aren't just in the Atlantic, but all over the world's economies. The rush into the stock markets continues and will keep on going. Faith in governments and socialism keep going down and down. The democratic party is in a multi-generational bear market with no end in sight. Finally, the stock market is on course to double from it's present level. It's the only game in town. Bitcoin will be prohibited by governments. Eventually all countries will go electronic currency. The dollar is poised to remain the reserve currency until it rises too high, which will require a world-wide meeting to remedy. 

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While @Andy_Hoffman_CG still loves gold, he says it's becoming an extremely boring topic, given how powerful government control (for now) has become on the gold market. He's now spending 90% of his time on Bitcoin/crypto. 


Today's principal topic is the “Bitcoin Big Bang”, when Draghi said of crypto, “it would actually not be in our powers to prohibit and regulate them.”

Also, the upcoming SegWit 2x and B-Gold hard forks, exploding 2018 crypto capital and investment spending, and whether Litecoin is “silver to Bitcoin’s gold.”

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