There were moments when I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but we made it! I made the mistake of taking the last hotel room on the internet at the Relax Inn in Kissimmee Florida just outside of Orlando. It turned out to be a welfare hotel. There were guys with prison tattoos checking me out and planning to rob me. Got in the room, barricaded the door and put my Glock on the table. Then the forecast changed and the storm was supposed to be a Cat 3 direct hit on Orlando. It occurred to me that this crappy little motel wasn't gonna survive it, so I desperately looked for another. Found a Holiday Inn Express right by the airport. Stayed there and was safe. Eventually the power went out. It was a bit windy and some trees got uprooted, but otherwise nothing too serious. We lived to do another Triple Lutz Report. Back to our normal schedule tomorrow. Hope all my Floridians are safe and your homes were spared. 

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