According to our good friend Alasdair MacLeod, China is booming and taking the rest of the world with it, except for the US that is. The US has isolated itself and is being left in the dust. China has shifted their economy away from making junk to high quality, hi-tech goods. Will it work? What about all the debt they've created in mean time? Let's see what happens next. 

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President Trump spoke at the UN yesterday. Many of his policy aspirations echo those of Andrew Jackson. America First! Let other countries fight their own battles, with the US's support. He also castigated the UN's corruption and wastefulness. How he will square his stated policy with the continued ground war in Afghanistan is another issue. Nation building is still taking place and there's no end in sight and there's no way to determine if we're winning. A quagmire. 

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So Andy's been in business for 8 days and it's going great. Check out his special 7 day free trial at Gold's fundamentals keep getting stronger. Gold's still at $1310. We talked about China's efforts to contain Bitcoin and the Crypto-Currencies. Today's historic Fed meeting. Claims that they're going to reduce their balance sheet are nonsense. It can't be done. We're never going above 2.5% rates, proof is today we're at 2.2%. We're missing two interest rate hikes promised for this year. Just wait till the King of Debt Donald Trump really kicks into high gear. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier and I squared off about the Trump investigation. John believes there's something there and that the President has reason to be concerned. I'm skeptical of the entire witch hunt. The Russians are coming was a great movie, but not so good a political meme. Let's see what happens next. And let's see the republicans go into full scale panic mode to pas the Trump Agenda, or at least major parts of it. They're scared to death about the 2018 elections. 

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