Dr. Mark Thornton was with us today. As a senior fellow at the Mises Institute his works are very well known these days. He condemned New York State's overzealous attorney general for his unwarranted attack on fantasy football. Mark thinks it's hypocritical and asks why should governments being pushing Lotto, which really does victimize the poor. The payout ratios on legal gambling are pathetic. Customers get a much better deal from the neighborhood bookie.

Next we discussed the Skyscraper Index and how it's flashing a danger sign to Saudi Arabia. Their 1 kilometer edifice is perhaps getting too close to the sun. Their economy is plunging and they're quickly running out of money. It's scenario that has been oft repeated, from NYC in the depression, to Malaysia to China and now Saudi Arabia. It seems when man gets too close to the heavens, the Gods have a way of putting him in his place. Is New York City and the Freedom Tower next? 

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Jason was back with us today. His message is an important one, flipping is not for everyone. We all read the headlines about the massive profits that flippers are making these days. Jason says don't be deceived, there's a lot of potential pitfalls that you've got to be aware of before taking the plunge. Don't every pay too much for the property, and keep your emotions in check. Watch out for hidden surprises and be realistic. 

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It was a great month for the US Dollar and Bitcoin. Flat for most markets and bad for just about everything else. Carnage in the metals, copper slammed yet again. Oil and NatGas got put down as well. For now, everything is coming up US Dollars. How long can it last? Anyone's guess how long the Safe Haven will remain so. 

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