Wayne Allyn Root is convinced that Donald Trump can win New York State in the general election. New Yorkers, especially the working class, love Trump. They love his attitude, his lack of political correctness and his success. Wayne just met Donald for the first time recently. As Wayne says, "Only Donald Trump can bring out a crowd like this..." And who knows, maybe Wayne is right.  

Wayne Allyn Root's Opening Speech at Donald Trump Rally ...

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Why do intelligent people often wind up being so unhappy? The answer is really quite simple, from kindergarten to college to corporate America, the system caters to the average. So if you happen to be an above average intelligent person, you're cooked. There's not much out there for you. But realizing this is empowering and can be the key to you finding inner happiness and contentment in a mediocre world!

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Chris Vermeulen has been trading since he turned 16. He's always in his element when he's hitting the keys of his trading terminal. He just hit NatGas when it made a major low at $1.70. He piled in and as a result of being oversold, it went up 20 cents. He sees a similar play coming in oil very shortly. Further down the road, he's expecting a major stock market decline. Listen on for his other recommendations concerning gold and silver. 

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