As part of my due diligence when checking out the possibility of joining Liberty HealthShare I came across Chone Maddox's blog In it she described her experience signing up and how the cost was less and the coverage was greater than her other options. Now, she's been a member since February of 2015 and things have worked out well. She needed an unexpected procedure and Liberty was there for her. She plans on getting married shortly and will probably be getting a family plan from Liberty. For myself the savings have been substantial, in the thousands in just a few short months. 

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Bob Hoye, master economic historian joined us to discuss the appreciating dollar, declining precious metals prices and the addition of the Yuan to the IMF's SDR (special drawing rights). Bob predicted long ago that the world reserve currency, the USD, would hold up well during this credit bust. He's tracked the performance of every reserve currency for hundreds of years to understand how they behave in similar circumstances. The Dollar is behaving exactly the same way. Bob thinks that it might be time for a pull back and that gold stocks and shares could be the beneficiary. Also, he's not making any bets on the Yuan becoming the new reserve currency anytime soon. 

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What's About To Implode Next Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Not to be  monotonous, but this truly is the worst economy ever - per today's article "Raise Rates?  This is when the Fed typically lowers them!"

-ECB meeting tomorrow
-OPEC meeting Friday
-NFP Friday (and ADP today)
-Fed meeting

Collapsing commodities, currencies, etc.

Geopolitical stress, European secession movements, etc.
And a tribute to the Late Richard Russell, long time publisher of the Dow Theory Newsletter!
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