Lobo Tiggre of the IndependentSpeculator.com joined us for a look at the end game. We could be there now, but how many people really understand it? There’s a Record number of call options out. Everybody is long, at some point reality matters, but when?Gold just got smacked down by a rate spike. But is inflation bad for gold? If inflation drives up rates, how much inflation will there be? Does the Fed really have rates locked down till 2023. There are all sorts of cracks in the system and the black swans are circling over head. As Lobo says, Doug Casey, myself and Lobo believed that the system was ending in 2010-11 and he we are a decade later asking the same questions and seeking different answers. Can they keep the illusion working indefinitely? 

Remember Lobo means wolf in Spanish. In the end the wolf eats the sheep. 

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Yes, we're talking about the global financial system. Darryl and I have been awaiting this collapse for many years. The people running it have been outright masterful in prolonging its existence. They defied the odds many times over, much like motorcycle stunt driver Evel Knievel. He lived far longer than any life insurance underwriter could have forecast. And yet, eventually it was his time to go. And so too our global financial system. What will come next? We can only guess. But as Darryl says often, "Have gold, have silver and have faith!" And of the three faith is the most essential for your survival. 

And while you're at it, order some C-60. They used to feed it to rats, to test it out, but when the rats started living way longer than average rats, the study was quickly stopped. 

Click here to order...

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We’re at the top, it’s like the 1990’s. These are warning signs. Game Stop has a short squeeze. A company headed for the dustbin and it’s gone from $40 to $380. The short squeeze is on. Very reminscent of the oil squeeze last year in oil. The ultimate chase. This is what happens when the Fed loses control. They can’t see any inflation so they just keep printing. Todd is moving to Nevada from Illinois. Covid and Congress will see to bailing out the worst states. Game Stop housing. At some point hard decisions will have to be made. If Biden stays moderate we’ll survive. If he goes left we collapse and Bitcoin really takes off. Asset classes can no longer price themselves, another step towards socialism. The market is Robinhood on steroids. It always ends the same way. Watch what happens when the bubble pops. 2008 redux. We’re in a bubble right, waiting for it to pop.

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The world's effort to end Covid-19 via vaccination is well under way. 10's of millions have received their immunization or will do so shortly. Dr. John Huber believes that those most in danger from the CCP virus should be getting immunized, but he urges caution for those who have little risk. Let's see how these people fare, before jumping into it ourselves. And there's other vaccines on the way, including the J&J vaccine which could be less risky. Personally, I know dozens of people who have gotten it, all with limited or no side-effects. What are you planning to do?

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As president of Safe Harbor Retirement Planning, Mark has served as a relentless retirement guide to thousands of individuals since 1986. The secret to his longevity has been asking the questions other advisors simply don’t ask; it allows him to make the best decisions for each client’s unique situation and ensure retirement success.  Take the least amount of risk to provide the cash flow you need for retirement. 

Mark is a former radio talk show host, is an author, and has become the go-to financial educator in the media. His most recent book Don’t Outlive Your Money in Retirement! 7 Key Steps, unveils the step-by-step process used to help maximize the retirement journey. 

Mark has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, ABC news.com, 


FOXNews.com, and Bloomberg Radio, as well as locally (Boston) on NECN and WRKO. He is also a multiyear recipient of Boston Magazine’s 5 Star Wealth Manager Award.



• The #1 Fear of retirees financially 

• The #1 Concern of most who entire  retirement 

• How much risk should a retiree take on  with their portfolio 

• The Yellow Brick Road of Retirement -  what are the 7 steps 

• How can someone know if they are on  track for a successful retirement 

• What is the #1 Fear, financially, do retirees have? 

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Caution is the byword. Bonds are coming back to life and utilities are bouncing back. Defensive money is heading into safety. The markets need to take a break. Big volatility coming to the markets. The VIX can be deadly. Chris no longer trade it. Watch out for the Boyz. Investors have gotten slammed as a result. Will it spike that big this time? Not enough fear in the markets. When everything is more expensive than ever before, then selling could be very advantageous. You don’t have to hold stocks. If you step aside and wait for the next upturn, you’ll profit handsomely. Following investing rules is the most important thing you can do. If S&P drops below it’s 50 moving day average, it’s time to unload. Precious metals are going nowhere. They’re at the bottom of Chris’s list. Mining stocks have lost their momentum. Long term is still bullish. Short term, they’re dead money. Buy signal in tech. Some of the tech industries are in the midst of large moves. Even the solar sector gave a new buy signal today. Interests are likely to drift for the present. 

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The Keystone XL Pipeline has been canceled by the Biden Admin. It’s a giant step backward towards energy dependence. Decreased oil production will lead to increased imports from the Middle East. Gregory explores the difference between erosion and rising sea levels. He also explains why increased CO2 is good for the world and rising food production. Everything you thought you knew about climate change is clearly wrong. 

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Goldman Sachs warns of a dangerous bubble in 39 hot stocks. Goldman’s clients are freaking out about a stock bubble.  

Bridgewater’s Dalio sees U.S. divided, in ‘terrible financial state’   

It’s official now, it’s a bubble. 

Microsoft and Sony are coming out with new consoles so Game Stop is of course taking off to the moon!

Robinhood traders love Game Stop, time to get out? Does it have a future? This is what happens when markets are over hyped and excited. You never know in a bubble market.

Bubble is all over the place

New all-time low junk bond yield 

U.S. corporate buybacks are on the rise

Is selling pressure beginning to percolate?

Remember the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

More stocks are trading 10 times sales now than in 1999, the last time it happened. Beyond any previous bubble.

A market takes the escalator up and the elevator down.

The stay at home stock bubble, doing great as long as the lockdowns continue, ie Netflix.

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Covid phobia has greatly affected the real estate markets, buyers who won’t look and there’s sellers who don’t want people coming into their homes. Increased buyer activity in Florida and TX. The Southeast is on fire. Foreclosures will resume in 2021. The solution put in place has been very short-sighted. New York has taken the lead in protecting landlords. Many landlords are of the middle class. Initially there will be a momentary surplus, but there’s a feeding frenzy taking place. People are snapping up any available properties. Largely due to the flight from urban areas. Mortgage rates to stay flat or slightly higher. Migration will awaken the population. 

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Tier One Silver (sponsor) is currently one of the most exciting silver plays in the world, but you’ll have to wait to buy the stock. The Company is currently an unlisted spin-off of Auryn Resources, expecting  its TSX listing (TSLV) in February, with its OTC listing to follow shortly thereafter. The timing of the spin co’s was essential to minimize the potential tax fallout for US Investors. 

Tier One Silver’s new CEO Peter Dembicki, a former championship rower, is laser focused on the 11,000 hectare Curibaya project. Drill permits are on the way and targeting completion is near. Tier One will drill up to 40 holes from 20 platforms over a 473-hectare area, which is within the 20 square kilometre mineralized alteration zone where high-grade vein corridors have recently sampled grades up to 298 kg/t silver and 14.1 g/t gold.

It’s no wonder that Chair Ivan Bebek is so upbeat on Tier One. And as shareholders, we believe it was well worth the wait. Some opportunities require a little bit of patience and faith in management's ability to get the job done and clearly this is one of them. 

Go to the the company’s website at www.TierOneSilver.com for more information and to sign-up for updates. 

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Go big or go home so says Janet Yellen. The new government is spending the money with two hands. Between Powell and Yellen, why would anyone worry? Easy Money is on the way!

Buy Everything Rally today, gold, stocks, real estate…

Gold smackdowns getting ridiculous. Gold and silver are way up today. Maybe it’s time for inflation hedges after all. Will PM longs out perform stock bulls? 

Clean tech is rocking under Biden. Go green young man!

The day they bail out Illinois could be the day that gold goes to $5000. Government bailouts for governments around the country. Multi-trillion in bailouts coming. The Dukes of Moral Hazard have returned. Then comes any troubled economic sector. It was going to be bad no matter. Watch the interest

Turbo-charged fiat currency destruction. 

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$10 Trillion deficits are coming! The Fed is getting ready to send you a wallet and some nice new Fed Coins. Precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy. The biggest players have been amassing precious metals and getting ready for the inevitable. Acquisition of non-dollar denominated assets, including metals and cryptos is showing the way. The trend will continue until the global reset. Last year there were 10 years of metals deliveries. There will come a time when all the noise will cease and the reality will become clear. 

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Every time the political class takes over, there’s a very predictable backlash. Republicans are clamoring for the pardon of Julian Assange. The entire party is standing up and looking for a pardon. As Tucker said, if leaks help the political class that’s a good thing. But if it damages the deep state, then it’s a threat to democracy.An Bad leakers must be destroyed.The reaction to the ruling class seizing power is going on all over the world. Will there be a populist wave in 2022 or perhaps the better question is will continue and magnify in power? The Dems now have the thinnest House majority in history, especially after redistricting is completed. Steve expects lot’s of primarying against RINO’s and party unfaithfuls. There’s a difference between national populist light and national populist right.

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Ramping up the vaccine is rapidly taking place. More and more people are getting it and generating immunity. Most people will suffer the effects and recover acordingly. It’s the high-risk population that are most at risk. Over 25mm Americans have gotten it. We’re going to get through herd immunity by the vaccine and normal immunity. Lockdowns are bad policy. We had one shot at it and it didn’t work. There’s no point re-enacting a failed policy. The economy may never recover. Bad idea to shut it down. The media is overplaying the risk of mutation and the results. Advise the public, don’t scare them. We’re treating healthy people and quarantining the well.


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Famed real estate investor Ken Van Liew joins us for an inquiry into the continued viability of New York City. It’s no secret commercial RE markets are getting clobbered. Retail is being hammered as well. There’s been a complete exodus from the New York State. It’s a work in progress. Properties have been devalued. Rent is $1 billion in arrears. Do you buy Florida swampland or a money pit off of Central Park? Markets outside the Metro area are booming. CT projects, NJ projects, affordable housing and mixed use, Ken is seeing great demand and there’s no inventory. Money is fleeing NYC. Almost every rental market outside urban areas is booming. Less commutation equals more single family rentals. In these times, Ken believes that his real estate investing formula still works better than ever. You just need to concentrate in the markets that are benefitting from the flight out of urban America.  

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Gary was shocked by Biden’s speech on allocation of funds. We spent $4 trillion last year. When does it end? We’re spending like there’s no tomorrow. We’re looking at another $4 trillion for this year. When the Treasury spends on stimulus, that’s when inflation really takes place. 

Copper is going up due to commodity price inflation and also on China’s demand. 

There’s a new normal coming once the pandemic has run its course. We still have 12 million out of work. Many less people able to support their families. Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. The government is going to pay. 

Many pre-pandemic jobs are going to disappear. And automation isn’t going anywhere. It’s not if, but when. Lyft and Uber are counting on autonomous. Eliminate the drivers. Same with mortgage underwriters. 

Keep  your eye on the chart. The yellow lines are key. $2100 to $2200 gold by the 3rd quater of 2021, if not sooner. Unbridled optimism in the stock is clearly prevalent. How soon will the pandemic abate? Stock market has been putting pressure on gold. Same with Bitcoin. An unusual asset class. One of the super powers will come out and replace their currency with a crypto, who will it be? China, US, EU? 

Gold and silver what’s happening and ahead? When it comes to bringing back the economy, Gary isn’t so optimistic. And that complicates coming out of the global depression. 

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Leading up to New Year's Day, I spent a week in the hospital fighting Covid-19, together with a case of walking Pneumonia. It was a very challenging experience, but quite enlightening and beneficial as well. From the pandemic’s very beginnings, I made no secret of my belief that governments and politicians at every level were mis-handling the pandemic. Covid 19 is quite serious, especially when the elderly and those with comorbidities are affected. While the absence of underlying illnesses or those of younger ages does not guarantee immunity from the coronavirus, it greatly decreases the mortality rate and the likelihood of serious residual effects.  


From the pandemic’s start, I made a pledge to lead my best possible life, all the while taking basic precautions against the disease. I engaged in continuous handwashing, confining most of my social activities to the outdoors and taking a preventative course of HCQ, vitamin D3, Zinc and other supplements. 

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The stock market has never been more detached from reality. There’s 7 stocks that call the shots, 40 percent of the market cap. They're the least affected by the pandemic. The other 493 stocks have done nothing. The economy is being destroyed by the lockdowns. Small and medium sized business are 50% of the jobs and 45% of the GDP. And they're the one's hardest hit by poor government policy that is destroying everything in its path. Jim is convinced that the Wuhan CCP Virus escaped from a Chinese Lab to infect the world. His latest book details his views where it's all heading. What could have been a major public health challenge has turned into a massive global depression and we have only the politicians and fake scientists to thank for the current state of affairs. 

Jim lays out very specific action steps that will help you profit from the global depression. You'll find it in his latest book, The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World. It's must reading and your financial survival might just depend upon it. 

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John has successfully purchased a short position in Tesla. For the past several months, options were just too costly to short, but now… Premiums are down and the shorts have been flushed. Now you can do it more cheaply. Will Robinhood do John in? Watch where the next stimulus winds up. Competition is just around the corner. Commodity super cycle is going to squeeze margins. 

Twitter  and FB have lost $54 billion in market cap in the last week. 

Amazon is a perfect example of where a stock with lower profits can go. The flood of cash has to go somewhere.

Interest rates have started going up. Big deal for the stock market. We’re getting to the point where rates could be a negative issue for the stock market. Could this lead to a decline? 

Massive Bailouts for everyone just around the corner. 

Bitcoin regulation on the way? Ask Christine Lagarde, despicable Bitcoin. 

Former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas Cannot Access His Bitcoin Wallet Containing 7,002 BTC Worth $231 Million



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It's not an accident that we got a move in the opposite directions gold and silver. Coming into the New Year everything was going for us. Juniors were leading the miners, metals were ready to take the lead. And then the rug was pulled out from under us all of us. David warned his subscribers that he was taking profits the first week of the year. The weekly gold close went under $1850. Is gold making a bear flag at $1850, which could portend more weakness to the sector. Last week was a sell the news event. Manipulation conitnues on. Real yields were rising. Dollar rebound started. Gold could go down to $1767!

In the precious metals sector, it's always a great idea to take money off the table. The March 2020 crash should have taught us some more valuable lessons that we didn’t need. Risk management is an absolute must. Take profits off the table at the beginning of the year. If any position gets over 10 percent, David will trim it down. Always be thinking of selling in the junior sector. Always hold your core. 

David gives us his take on Canadian private placements, he's had great success in the past. The rules keep getting worse for Americans. You need to be aware of the rules and legend removal process. Once the shares become free trading sell half and keep the warrants and your core holding. It all depends  upon the type of company you’re dealing with. Finally, David advises you to take a step back on a regular basis. Look at the 20 year gold chart regularly to gain perspective. This type of disciplined approach will keep your profits running and keep your risk manageable. 

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It's been said many times that in order to be a successful investor you've got to have the right mindset. Jonathan K. DeYoe has taken it one further. He believes that you've got to be mindful, not just in your investing but in everything you do in life. Meditation is a great aid to give clarity and help focus in on your goals. Balance in one's life is also essential. While it may sound a bit new age cliche, Jonathan has been honing his skills to help himself become successful as well as many others. When it come to mindful investing, don't knock it till you've tried it. 

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Noble Drakoln is a student of history. He sees many similarities between the Roaring 1920's and the Roaring 2020's. Just look at the IPO market and all the SPACs, essential blind trust companies set up to do who knows what. It's not gonna end well, that's for sure. And for the end point Noble trusts in gold. Whenever you walk into a great party, you know it's going to end. Euphoria aside, you know what's gonna happen.

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It’s now populist versus collectivist. Watch out for John’s upcoming article about the "great migration" as conservatives and other sensible people leave California and NY for Texas, Florida and the mountain states, and leave Facebook and Twitter for Gab and Perler, basically to get away from liberals. It's the modern version of "white flight" though we don't want to put it that way. Huge story for 2021. They’re leader to a new internet infrastructure. An internet backbone that doesn’t rely upon the kindess of Google and Amazon.


One last thing that should probably be near the top. Interest rates are spiking. What is it happening and what does it mean for markets and the economy?They’re going higher in anticipation of massive bailouts. Industrial products are going higher in expectation of higher inflation.


Did you hear about the nursing home where no one had died until they got vaccines? The vaccine was our savior. What happened?

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Take a seasoned 34 year mining executive/geologist and give him a stable and welcoming jurisdiction and things are bound to get very interesting, very fast. Pat Varas, Executive Chairman and CEO of Norden Crown Metals (sponsor) has traveled the world looking for resources and developing mines.

Now the focus of his attention is Scandanavia. Perhaps unknown to many, Pat extols the virtues of this extremely solid mining venue. People have been mining here since before the Middle Ages. With extremely large copper and iron deposits, they're a vital European source. And Pat sees major potential above and beyond that. He is looking forward to additional drill results in the Fredriksson Gruvan prospect, which has intersected 11.0 meters of stratiform sulphide mineralization interpreted to be Broken Hill Type (BHT) precious metal enriched base metal mineralization.

The intercept consists of massive to semi-massive sulphide mineralization, including sphalerite (zinc sulphide) and galena (lead sulphide). The intercept occurs 35 meters below historical mine workings which produced 45,000 tonnes grading 49 g/t silver, 5.77% zinc, 1.84% lead2. The Fredriksson Gruvan prospect is located on the 100% owned silver-zinc-lead-gold Gumsberg Project located in the Bergslagen Province of Southern Sweden.

There's more drilling on the way and that could mean lots more good news in the near future, which is why we own the shares. Norden Crown Metals Ticker Symbols: TSXV:NOCR - OTC:BORMF - FRA:03E

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When we first met Elijah Johnson, he was 16 years old publishing videos about the inequity of the Federal Reserve and international monetary system. We jokingly referred to him as the 16 year old who knew more than then Fed Chair Benjamin Bernanke. Elijah hasn't been sitting around waiting for things to get better. He successfully made it through college with a degree in journalism and now he's putting it to great use. He's working with our great friends over at Miles Franklin and is quickly becoming a thought leader in the sound money sphere. And like like Elijah says, it's now far more important to assure the safety/return of your capital, rather than seeking a high return on it. In the end value usually takes care of itself. 

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