Covid phobia has greatly affected the real estate markets, buyers who won’t look and there’s sellers who don’t want people coming into their homes. Increased buyer activity in Florida and TX. The Southeast is on fire. Foreclosures will resume in 2021. The solution put in place has been very short-sighted. New York has taken the lead in protecting landlords. Many landlords are of the middle class. Initially there will be a momentary surplus, but there’s a feeding frenzy taking place. People are snapping up any available properties. Largely due to the flight from urban areas. Mortgage rates to stay flat or slightly higher. Migration will awaken the population. 

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Tier One Silver (sponsor) is currently one of the most exciting silver plays in the world, but you’ll have to wait to buy the stock. The Company is currently an unlisted spin-off of Auryn Resources, expecting  its TSX listing (TSLV) in February, with its OTC listing to follow shortly thereafter. The timing of the spin co’s was essential to minimize the potential tax fallout for US Investors. 

Tier One Silver’s new CEO Peter Dembicki, a former championship rower, is laser focused on the 11,000 hectare Curibaya project. Drill permits are on the way and targeting completion is near. Tier One will drill up to 40 holes from 20 platforms over a 473-hectare area, which is within the 20 square kilometre mineralized alteration zone where high-grade vein corridors have recently sampled grades up to 298 kg/t silver and 14.1 g/t gold.

It’s no wonder that Chair Ivan Bebek is so upbeat on Tier One. And as shareholders, we believe it was well worth the wait. Some opportunities require a little bit of patience and faith in management's ability to get the job done and clearly this is one of them. 

Go to the the company’s website at for more information and to sign-up for updates. 

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