Rush Limbaugh's insults and poor language towards a progressive poster child is still resonating. However, there isn't really a political debate occurring. Rather, it is simply emotional outrage masked as political discourse. This is exactly what's been wrong with the political system for the last 80 plus years: issues are no longer properly analyzed. The Statists have done their best to obfuscate the real debate because they have made every issue a personal attack.

The real debate is whether you should work for yourself or you should work for the State. Do your rights flow from nature? Or are your rights given to you by the government, like a teacher giving out gold stars to a class? If you believe the State is the fount of all rights, then you must admit that when you are offended, angry, or enraged, you want the State to make things right.  That means taking away the rights of others, such as their speech, property, and the right to pursue their own happiness.

Therefore, it really boils down to a debate between individual freedom and the authoritarian inclinations of the State. This is the great debate of our age and one that will eventually be addressed as economic collapses have a way of stripping things down to their basics.

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