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Trevor Bradley from Georgetown Marketing discussed how to internationalize your assets before it's too late. Many people are unaware that it is currently completely legal to invest funds overseas. Whether you're opening a bank account, investing in a business, or buying real estate, you are free to invest as you desire. However, you must do it properly and report it to the irs/government. Failure to properly disclose your overseas assets and investments can result in extremely Draconian fines and penalties. With the rapid deterioration of the US economic system, how much longer will Uncle Sam allow this? 

Trevor Bradley, a resident of Belize, is an expert in helping you do it the right way. The banks in Belize have an extremely high reserve requirement, 24 percent, the highest in the world! They only invest in 50 percent mortgages, meaning the borrower must put down 50 percent cash to purchase real estate. It's certainly worth looking into, if you're in the right circumstances. You never know when the government will prohibit overseas investment or asset holdings. They've been moving in that direction for many years. 

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