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Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute joins us once again for an update on the latest European elections, the assault on private equity firms, private enterprise, and much more. We discussed movies about capitalism, Other People's Money and Head Office. Yaron also taked a bit about environmentalism, which he believes is often anti-humanistic and usually opposes beneficial human technological developments. The problem with today's socialists is they really don't care about people or their happiness.

In the good old days socialists believed in the common good and the individual's desire to attain happiness. That's why we saw Francois Mitterand, an avowed socialist, wind up embracing capitalism after he saw his collectivist agenda steer France over the cliff. Today's collectivists care nothing about the individual. They are nihilists who revel in their own power over others and simply view the populace or the electorate as a means to that end. Unfortunately, the electorate keeps falling for it over and over again. However, there is hope because the latest round of socialists will fail just like all their predecessors and once again, free market capitalism will rise.  

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