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We connected with Les Gold, star of the hit show Hardcore Pawn joined us today on FSN. Just like on the show, Les is charismatic, intelligent and extremely articulate. We talked about the store, his family and his history as a pawn broker. Les has built a huge business right in the heart of downtown Detroit. He's extremely proud of the work he does. For so many people, he's not just their last hope, he's their only hope. Every month dozens of people avoid eviction, feed their families and keep going because of Les. As far as future political plans, Les thinks that Detroit's Mayor and Michigan's Governor have it covered. However, he'd gladly become a consultant to Detroit, perhaps chief negotiator would be the proper role. FSN still believes he's the man for the Emergency City Manger slot. His book, For What It's Worth is coming out in June so stay tuned. 

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