Markets have been unstable for the last couple of months; is it going to improve or get worse, and can you still profit from the market? David Jaffee comes on the show to dive into this probing topic, and we discuss some of the most profitable methods for investing at the current moment. Ultimately, it’s crucial to be defensive in managing stocks at this point in time. Tune in for useful knowledge and tips from David.


-We can take advantage of some stocks that are down, and now is the time to be defensive
-For those who have been disciplined, it’s worthwhile to rotate to more defensive minded stocks
-It’s important to consider the alternative asset classes that are going to appreciate
-You don’t necessarily have to by shares; you can sell puts
-Tesla is great when the market is in a bull trend
-The overall new car market has been declining
-It’s better to rotate into companies that are more defensive in nature
-We talk about some of the crucial transformational acquisitions (i.e. Google purchasing YouTube)
-Every business has to cut costs consistently, and now, tools are going to emerge even faster

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The price of gold has been resilient considering what’s happening in the markets, and the mining sector has been thrown out with the growth stocks. Will the mining stocks start making money any time soon? I sit down and chat with Gwen Preston, known as the ‘Resource Maven,’ and she explains how investing methods have largely shifted as a result of the pandemic. With the prevalence of big tech stocks and the impact on the US dollar, the metals have taken a hit. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Tune in to find out.

-Gold has done well considering the impact on the US dollar
-Gold is getting a safe haven bid
-From the pandemic to the end of 2021, gold got good bids
-A billion dollars flowed out of mining stocks; the broad markets were still doing what they’ve done
-Big tech stocks performed well during the pandemic due to people staying at home and relying more on technology
-Have cryptocurrencies messed up people’s attention spans and caused a lack of future planning with investing? It seems that the cycle is out of touch with conventional/current investor expectations and timing
-Some people who haven’t had to learn the bad lessons (such as those back in 2009) may learn their first one now
-Finance has been reduced down to apps

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Tier One Silver’s CEO Peter Dembicki and SVP of Exploration Christian Rios sat down with us for a sponsor update. The excitement was palpable as Peter explained that the company had entered into a community agreement which will allow for exploration of the Ñañohuayco, San Cipriano and Morro Culispata copper-nickel-platinum-palladium-silver prospects. This clears the way Tier One to start surface work and drilling (once the permit is issued).

The excitement is clearly warranted. In 2009 an initial 10 hole 1,061 meter drill program by the previous operator intersected 14 m of 2.59% copper, 0.62% nickel, 311 g/t cobalt, 0.3 g/t platinum and 0.55 g/t palladium, making this is a high priority target.



SVP Rios is anxious to get exploration started. Previously, he was involved in the world-class discovery of the Santa Ana and Corani silver-lead-zinc deposits. His decades of Peruvian experience combined with his extensive exploration, mining development and operations background make him a vital part of the team. He observes that, “[Just] 1000 meters has been drilled. We need to continue this. There’s an area which has values up to 44% copper [emphasis added].”

There’s no telling how rich and productive Hurricane will become. Peter and Christian are moving ahead quickly; drilling will start shortly and results will then follow. Which is why we’re long-term holders of Tier One shares.

Ticker Symbols – OCTQB: TSLVF and TSX-V: TSLV

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