Eddy Gifford is a certified financial planner that learned the discipline and necessity of work ethic back in his years as a university athlete, and incorporates these principles into his team’s investing strategies over at Tactive. Utilizing their knowledge of the digital markets and cryptocurrency, Tactive applies these strategies within traditional portfolios. Their primary demographic is small business owners, and Eddy explains a few of the angles proposed by Tactive to stay vigilant as the markets shift. Tune in for more insight.

-Eddy has a specialty in cryptocurrencies as well as conventional investments
-The technicals aren’t behaving like they used to; markets are moving five to ten times faster
-When buying, they’re hedging or putting some sort of stop in place
-We’re in an increasing interest rate environment, which means the bond portfolio could fall at the same time
-Bitcoin is trading around the 30k range and doesn’t look the strongest
-They apply cryptocurrency strategies to traditional portfolios
-Volatility stays high as long as the slope of inflation remains relatively flat
-The mortgage payment has doubled
-Times are different, and what worked ten or fifteen years ago won’t necessarily work now. It’s important to look at assets from a number of angles; Eddy describes a few
-Eddy’s average client is 49-52 years of age, and a large portion of the demographic encompasses business owners that understand volatility and save aggressively

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