Greg Crowe sat down with us recently to give us the latest updates on Silver One's ever expanding Candelaria Project. Metallurgical testing to bring the heaps back into production has been underway and they should know shortly how to recover the 40 plus million ounces contained therein. Exploration and pre-development is also taking place. The drills are turning with 8-10 holes underway. The historic 43-101 is being update and is expected to be completed sometime in Q1-Q2 of 2020. These are extremely high grade ore on a par or better than some of the highest producing mines in the world. He's also working on newly acquired Cherokee. It also appears to have to some extremely high-grade silver. A lot more will be know soon, but we're certain that our sponsor Silver One is extremely well situated to move ahead with both projects. 

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The legendary investor, author, wealth coach joined us today. He has a new book out Who Stole My Pension? We discmussed the coming pension crisis both at the private and government levels. What are the solutions? How do we find our way out of this mess? What about the Trump Tax Law’s windfall for real estate investors? How is the real economy doing? What about precious metals? Where are we really headed, with insurmountable debt in our paths? 

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