Jordan Roy-Byrne--The Majority of Gold Bull's Profits Are Yet To Come  31.Jul.12 presents

Jordan Roy-Byrne is a frequent contributor to He's seeing a definite precious metals' market bottom and says there's a number of confirmatory signals that have been flashing as well. Perhaps the most important indicator is that the amount of gold purportedly held in GLD (the Gold EFT) has been declining, at the same time that the gold price has been rising. This is a sure sign that retail investors have capitulated and that the next leg of the bull market is about to begin. And as Jordan indicated, the majority of profits are actually made at the end of the bull market, rather than the early stages. Since this market's heading higher for 12 years, there's definitely much more to go. Buckle your seat belt and hold on, it's going to be quite a ride. 

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Ron Hera--Take Xanax For The Greater Depression 31.Jul.12 presents's Ron Hera was with us today. He painted a very unpleasant picture of the US economy, and to a lesser extent the world economy. The actual inflation, which is higher than the propagandistic reported rate, means the economy has actually been contracting for the last four years. All economic statistics issued by governmental authorities must be viewed with extreme suspicion as they are politically derived and driven. This means that getting the real facts, altering your economic behavior and acquiring things of true value is your only route to economic salvation. There is no other way. And while Ron is bearish on the macro economic trends, he's very bullish on precious metals and mining stocks of which many are presently worth more dead than alive.  

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