Kerry Lutz and Lark Davis discussed various topics related to the cryptocurrency industry. Lark shared his journey from being an investor to becoming a content creator and entrepreneur in the industry. They also discussed the future of cryptocurrency, highlighting the competitive landscape and the potential for consolidation. The conversation touched on the overhype and potential of NFTs, stablecoins, and the role of precious metals, particularly gold, in the digital world.

Lark and Kerry Lutz emphasized the need for legitimate use cases in the industry and the emergence of dominant blockchains. They also discussed the potential applications of NFTs in gaming, real estate deeds, and voting, as well as the integration of crypto in the metaverse. The conversation also touched on the concerns about the overabundance of metaverses and the caution needed in the integration of crypto in various platforms. Additionally, they expressed concerns about the implications of CBDCs, highlighting the potential for government control over money, tax deductions, and setting expiry dates on money.

Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights into the cryptocurrency industry and the potential for its growth and development. Lark's journey and experiences in the industry provided a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the space, while the discussion on various topics highlighted the need for caution and careful consideration in the integration of crypto in various platforms.

Find Lark here: thewealthmastery

Find Kerry here: FSN

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