Jobs picture improvement is slowing down. There have been two misses in a row. Jobs recovery is much slower than expected. It will take months to achieve the pre-pandemic. Gold and silver should see improvement as the economic numbers lag. Phil is expecting a rise over $30  but he’s not seeing it rising to new highs. He’s been buying March options utilizing calculated risk, taking a small risk for a large potential gain. He’s helping people actually take delivery on the Comex. He’s looking for corrections to then acquire and exercise to take delivery. Usually they get out of the contract the day before expiration. It’s a good way to acquire commodities at or near spot. Copper has been the best performing commodity during the pandemic, especially in light of recent supply disruptions. It’s all about China’s economic numbers. Phil believes that copper could well run into shortages, not to mention inflation reawakening. As long as there are supply chain disruptions, copper is at risk. Lumber prices are coming down, demand has already receding. Homebuilders were hedging their position earlier on to lock in profits. Make sure you subscribe to Blue Line Futures morning report. It’s a great overview of the economy and commodities. 

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