Jamie Meloni has been called the Million Dollar Real Estate Agent and is a foreclosure sales specialist in the Tampa Florida Market. He says that while the hedge funds and private equity buyers aren't buying up single family home foreclosures in the records numbers they were in 2012, they're still active purchasers. This seems to fly in the face of the commonly held wisdom, but perhaps the Florida RE market has certain properties that make it more robust than others across the nation. Since it's so retiree dominated that makes it less employment driven, which is a real plus in today's flagging job market. 

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Bill Tatro is a long time economy watcher and money expert. His show It's all about Money, is well known. He believes that cash is king. He doesn't see hyper-inflation coming for quite some time. Increasing taxes and increased interest rates will be poison for the economy. So having a lot of cash is a good thing. Will we suffer from bail-ins like much of Europe is poised for? That's the key question and we will soon know the answer. 

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Flash-crash in gold early Monday am just adds to the fun. Can you believe the Chinese Gold Reserve Number? We don't. Treat it just like any other government economic statistic, designed to accomplish a specific governmental goal, whatever that might be. Rick Rule has been waiting for the Great Capitulation. Could this be it? We're not sure, but we're certainly a lot closer to it than we were. Remember to always treat your PM holdings as an insurance policy and none of the noise will reach you. 

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