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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 20, 2022

Today’s episode is crucial for parents and grandparents looking to contribute to the financial literacy of future generations. Paige Afendoulis is releasing a book titled My Dad’s Class that addresses strategies for educating our children on smart spending, saving, and investing. Drawing from firsthand experience, she emphasizes the importance of implementing simple and consistent lessons about money at an early age, which can set your child up for later success. Tune in for more tips, and for an inside look at the premise of Paige’s book.

-Paige has a book coming out about financial education for children titled My Dad’s Class
-She learned at a very early age about the importance of learning about banking, investing, and credit
-Starting children early and establishing consistency with banking and accounting is crucial. Practicing these things often is key
-It’s important to have frequent conversations about finances, and to have kids be involved in family budgeting
-Distinguishing between wants/needs and understanding family values are critical money lessons
-Use props and examples, and make the lessons tangible
-Encourage your children to set goals
-Delayed gratification trickles into financial skills—teaching kids to wait rather than to act on impulse

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