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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 20, 2021

David Morgan comes on the podcast to give us insight on the markets. We tackle inflation—which is not so transitory after all—the future of the dollar, the Chinese real estate debacle, and the precious metals market. A lot is changing and there will probably be many unintended consequences that our nation needs to prepare itself for. Tune in to find out more about what’s to come where the markets are headed.

-Inflation is not so transitory; what does this mean for the economy and your ability to accumulate wealth?
-By definition, inflation is an increase of the money supply. We’ve done this by about 20% since the new administration came into office—but it’s been this way for years
-The deficit keeps increasing
-If you don’t trust the dollar today, why would you trust the future dollar?
-When you control the price of money, you control everything
-If interest rates are near zero, this means that money has become less valuable
-There will probably be many unintended consequences with cryptocurrency and Chinese real estate
-The US market has not taken hold of these consequences yet
-Oil is reflecting what’s happening in the economy
-Platinum is going to go higher than Palladium
-The metals market in the worst of times will do well
-Must look at where the market is going with goods like electric cars
-China real estate is in big trouble

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