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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 29, 2022

Inflation continues unabated in the US and abroad with no signs of it coming under control, and this is very prominent in the gold market. The owner/President of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, Andy Schectman, comes on the show to give his perspective regarding what is next for gold in light of increasing rates and fluctuating currency. We’re entering a system dominated by commodities, and this has many implications for the future of gold and the economy.

-Gold took a bit of a hit, and inflation is going up
-The ideal of every nation is being able to print as much money as needed while keeping inflation down; this inevitably requires dishonesty
-Politicians always choose inflation over austerity
-GDP has contracted two quarters in a row, and if it weren’t for the lying statistics, the numbers would look a lot different
-The relationship between the supply/demand of the East and West is breaking down
-We’re entering a system dominated by commodities

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