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Nov 27, 2013

We got together with Martin Armstrong for a pre-Thanksgiving interview. His prediction of Dow 16,000 was just three weeks late, not too shabby for the master forecaster. He's sticking by his Dow 32,000 forecast by 2015. His reasons remain the same. The Fed will be working to increase the velocity of money. In the last...

Nov 26, 2013 presents

Some people would say there’s a political problem in Washington, DC. Others would describe it as a leadership problem. Author Douglas Colbert says it runs much deeper than that, though. He says our elected leaders have a serious moral problem. And that lack of moral...

Nov 26, 2013 presents

Monica Davis is the founder of Exceptional People Magazine and her mission is to enhance the quality of your life by promoting goodwill, unity and better living through positive media. Her magazine and books help to inspire you to reach new heights. She's big on multiple...

Nov 26, 2013 presents

Dr. Joni Carley’s co-authored Stepping Stones to Success, Vol 1, with Deepak Chopra, Jack...

Nov 26, 2013 presents

On this Triple Lutz Report:

--Just when you thought it was safe to get a mortgage-home equity lines of credit set to blow up;

  --Snowden has a doomsday cache of documents as an insurance policy to keep him safe;

--Gold Rush reality TV show definitely worth watching. 

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