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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 21, 2023

Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed various topics related to the economy, investments, and geopolitical risks. They talked about the recent reversal of the Fed's interest rate policy and its potential impact on the economy, with Rubino suggesting that rising government and personal interest costs could lead to a recession in 2024. They also discussed the potential for gold's next leg and how it could increase by at least 50%, as well as the lack of trust in institutions and the banking crisis.

The speakers also analyzed the challenges faced by the mining industry, particularly in South America, and the potential benefits of investing in physical commodity ETFs in the current geopolitical climate. They suggested creating a portfolio of royalty companies, physical ETFs, and high-quality explorers for exposure to the precious metal sector and commodities in general, while emphasizing the importance of choosing explorers with deposits in safe jurisdictions to avoid political risk. Finally, they discussed the decline of global excellence and the self-destructive path of many countries, questioning how long this charade can go on before the tide goes out and everyone is exposed.

Overall, the meeting covered a wide range of topics related to the economy, investments, and geopolitical risks, providing insights and perspectives on various issues that could impact the financial markets and investors.

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