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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 4, 2017

China's supposedly coming out with an oil contract that can be settled in gold. Let's see if it really happens. Gold is up nearly 10 bucks the ounce today at $1334 and Silver is getting closer and closer to 18 bucks the ounce. 

Comrade deBlasio (whom we are extremely grateful to for his endless contributions to the show) has done it again. Governor Cuomo has come out against his efforts to take down the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Square (I know it's round) in NYC. The moron Comrade has ignited a fire storm of controversy over this non-issue. It's all a smoke screen for a party that has no message and a proven inability to lead. 

Is North Korea for real or is it just a province of China? Kim gets his marching orders from Beijing, plain and simple. And he's dancing to their tune. Trump has threatened to cut off trade to all countries trading with the Norks. This would send the world into a global depression, the likes of which would make the 1930's a walk in the park. Let's hope it never happens, because then a war could very well become inevitable. 

Will cooler heads prevail?