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Feb 11, 2012

Alan Rosenfeld, a New York City typing teacher was suspended in 2001 for ogling female students and making inappropriate comments to them. The Board of Education thought that he presented enough of a threat, that he was barred from the classroom. However, they botched his disciplinary hearing and due to strict union rules, were unable to terminate the alleged deviant. As a result, Rosenfeld spent 10 years in the rubber room, a place where teachers who are awaiting hearings or cannot be discharged are kept, out of the public view and fully paid.

During his suspension, he earned over $100,000 per year and received tax payer funded health benefits worth another $20,000 per annum. Finally, he realized it was time to retire. He now gets a tax-free pension of $85,000 per year and gets to keep his medical benefits for the remainder of his miserable life. And if Billy Joel is correct, that only the good die young, we'll be paying this miscreant for decades to come.

But it gets worse. Rosenfeld, an attorney, also ran a law practice from the rubber room during his suspension. And he also managed to amass a $10 million real estate portfolio. Is it any wonder that New York City's Schools have been failing for the past 50 years? And all Mayor "Nanny" Bloomberg can say is, "He should be managing City real estate."

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