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Feb 19, 2012

Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of Fox's Freedom Watch was unceremoniously dumped from the network this week. Napolitano says in a Facebook posting that it was nothing out of the ordinary and to please not email Fox demanding his reinstatement. According to the Judge, these things happen all the time and are ratings inspired. Watch the two videos linked here and let us know if you think his termination was purely economic. 

The fact is, Judge Napolitano was calling out the powers that be. He casting light on the fact that the political parties only have their well-being at heart, not yours. That the system is completely broken and that the government is out of control and a threat to us all. He highlighted the futility of the candidates this electoral go-round and pointed to Ron Paul as being authentic, honest, consistent and all too often right. If these acts and words earned the Judge a discharge, then it was a well earned one indeed. 

We wish the Judge and his family the best and pray for his well being. 

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