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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jan 2, 2018

Look what's happening around the world. Iran and Venezuela look like they're getting ready to collapse. Can Cuba be far behind? North Korea could be approaching the end as well. 2018 looks like a great year economically speaking. Higher dollar as a result of increased overseas investment and interest rate hikes. It's very likely we'll see inflation begin to pick steam as well. You'll know at Thanksgiving.

Gold broke $1300 and silver broke $17. Now that's change we can all believe in. Bitcoin hit nearly $20k and pulled back. It's future is bright but that doesn't mean its not a bubble. People have got to get their dopamine from whatever source. What's better, narcotics or Bitcoin Bubbles? You decide. 

We're loving what's happening so far. Watch out for quakes and legal pot in Cali. Happy New Year to all!