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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 17, 2018

Many month ago we advised you that the Trump admin would be like no other in history. We weren't kidding. Every day we see more and more results of the workaholic 'n chief. It's hard to beat someone who's working 10 more hours per day than you are. Trump fought the fight needed to get Kavanaugh confirmed and the rest will soon be history. And he's just getting started. The libs are stuck in their bubble and won't know what happened to them until their party has been completely destroyed. What's next? 

Today is Cannabis legalization day in Canada. Dozens of other countries are seriously looking at legalizing medical and recreational use. It's turning into a major bandwagon effect. Even Greece is looking to get in on the tax boost. No one knows where it will stop, but it's certain that it's going to be a global multi-billion dollar industry. Just wait and see. 

Much more to hear about on the show.