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Jun 13, 2018

Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore winning, history is made. The US and North Korea signed a major agreement to denuclearize and to head on to the goal of normalizing relations. It’s quite obvious to most observers, or it should be by now, that this deal was already cut well in advance of the actual meeting. That’s the way countries roll. It should also be obvious, even to the most deranged of Trump haters, that this historic meeting and agreement could never have happened without the tireless efforts of the President and his advisors, not to mention China’s President Xi as well.

Tucker Carlson finally discovers the world of affirmative action air traffic controllers. Seems like the Obama admin back in 2014 wasn't happy with the number of minority controllers and set about recruiting more minorities regardless of their qualifications and their potential threat to safety. Would you go to an affirmative action dentist or heart surgeon? Do you want an affirmative action pilot flying your plain. Affirmative action in the legal profession probably couldn't hurt anyone.

Oh and all those very important cases that finally make it to the United States Supreme Court are often contrived cases who's sole purpose is to propagate new public policy, which is a gross violation of the canons of legal ethics, which specifically prohibits such frauds upon the court.