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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 20, 2018

For all those progressives dreaming of a Mueller indictment of President Trump, dream on. It ain't gonna happen. Rudy Giuliani has ridden to the rescue. Now it's all about trading scalps. Who will be protected and who will go down. And that depends exactly what Mueller really has on Trump. Perhaps there's some bribes paid to zoning authorities or some other heinous crime. But it's not going to be enough save the Clinton Cabal or the Deep State. This thing is heading to a major climax. As Q anon would say, "Enjoy the show!" Everything Q has been saying appears to be coming true. When the first unsealed indictment is opened then I will be a true believer, but until then, it's more likely than not that Q is for real. But very soon we are going to know for absolute sure.