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Dec 6, 2021

It’s becoming extremely evident that inflation is not transitory, but permanent. I sit down and catch up with Andy Schectman to talk about how the government is ultimately destroy the currency to defend the markets, as the value of the dollar continually decreases. Wage and price controls are on their way as well as a number of other regulations that could surface very soon. Tune in to hear what to expect and how you can prepare for these shifts.

-The chairmen of the Federal Reserve found out that inflation is not so transitory, but rather, it’s permanent
-The term ‘transitory’ should have been replaced with ‘structural’ right away
-The government is destroying the currency to defend the markets
-Commodities go way up and get slammed down (i.e. oil last week)
-Wage and price controls are on their way
-There are more types of government regulations (i.e. rent control and interest rate control) that could surface
-Markets are ultimately being chosen over the dollar
-We’ve been seeing record prices of cars and real estate properties
-People have been buying cars a year in advance which demonstrates the unusual times we’re in
-As more and more companies start to accept crypto, more people flee to them
-A lot more people are starting to buy gold as well

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