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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 18, 2021

Musk's crypto conflicts, don’t fall in love with a 9 year old, Elon Musk. Did Tesla sell its Bitcoin? Is this insider trading? What does it mean for cryptos? Hot money likes it and will leave as quick as it came. This is what happens in a bubble. Time to stop HODLING? 

Michael Burry reveals a huge short in Tesla. Sam Zell is also on the same side of trade. 

Gold likes Basel III, is it the death knell of the LBMA. The big banks have been able to lie about the value of the futures contracts on their books, which means they’re worth nothing. The big bullion banks are threatening to leave the paper market. This would lead to physical valuation rather than paper valuation. 

The World Economic Forum has cancelled its 2021 annual meeting scheduled for Singapore in three months time, the Swiss-based organisation said on Monday. The next annual meeting will instead take place in the first half of 2022. ...

Speculative assets falling out of favor  SPACS, NFTs, Reddit stocks, cryptos  while money flows into safe havens like precious metals ... They’ve all failed. This is how bubbles work? Will big Tech stocks be next?

Remember the 1990’s when the land under the Imperial Palace in Japan was worth than all of Manhattan’s Real Estate. 

Covid is now almost officially gone. It’s under 5% of deaths which means it’s no longer considered an epidemic. And against all odds, masks are starting to fade into memory, at least in some places like Florida and Texas.