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Aug 26, 2022

Have you given thought to the digitization of carbon markets? Ben Jeffreys, the CEO of ATEC comes on the show to discuss carbon credits and how this concept contributes to the renewable energy transition. ATEC’s mission to decarbonize cooking is just one of the strategies that can aid in offsetting emissions, and the results of these moves towards renewable energy could be seen as early as 2040. Tune in for more information.

-What do we think of digitization and carbon markets?
-Carbon credits underscores a lot of what we don’t actually know about carbon emissions and digitization
-Carbon credit is essentially the ability of offset your emissions and pay for that privilege
-We’re trying to transition our entire energy structure, which is no small feat
-Most energy transitions, historically, have been taken care of by the market
-Is it worth bankrupting the world to go about this transition, or do we let the market take care of it?
-If you look at what is happening now, the market is already taking care of this transition
-How do you make money off of this? Many companies have committed to the energy transition to renewable resources
-What does a carbon credit go for? It fluctuates, but it’s sitting around $9-$10 per ton
-2040 is probably a realistic goal for when this transition will come to fruition
-Globally, we are trying to bring universal access to energy
-The transition is not coming because of government policies, but in spite of government policies

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