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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 25, 2019

Poised to Break Wall Street’s Stronghold on The Way Americans Save for Retirement, David J. Scranton’s latest book, The Retirement Income Stor-E: The Story behind The Launch of The Retirement Income Store. The book is about to shatter many of the myths that Wall Street bankers have promoted and protected for decades. Myths like: “Over the long run, the stock market always outperforms other asset classes.” Or, “High P/E Ratios are no reason to worry.”<br>David Scranton says, “The simple truth is that those who were born in 1968 or earlier can’t afford to ride out another catastrophic stock market drop like the one that started in 2000 that took nearly 50% of investors’ portfolios, or the one that started in 2007 that took nearly 60% of investors’ portfolios. The goal is to reduce, and even eliminate exposure to stock market risk. And this book shows you how.