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Nov 18, 2021

I sit down and catch up with Octavio Marenzi, who has a lot of insight on why exactly inflation comes about, what price trends look like, and what is being done to fix this phenomenon. Price increases across the board are the result of monetary policy, and we keep seeing this more and more. Tune in to hear more from Octavio and myself.

-The President has ordered the FDC to immediately probe illegal conduct by oil and gas companies
-Are price controls inevitable?
-When there are supply shortages, certain prices go up
-When you see prices up across the board, this is the result of monetary policy
-There was a tremendous demand for cash. As things return to normalcy, people begin to spend this money, and there are supply chain issues
-Speculators are important for stabilizing prices
-Everything being done about inflation is exacerbating the problem
-Government cannot improve the standard of living overall
-Wage/price controls come from the same political ideas

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