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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 25, 2021

Cryptos of course are plunging. Surprise! You were warned many times on this show. 

Shortages are popping up everywhere. From today's DC links list:

— Companies are panic-buying as supplies run short Tried buying a refrigerator lately? 

— Ag’s latest headache: a shortage of pallets for shipping produce. How much is that pallet in the window?  

— Chick-fil-A suffers sauce shortage amid industry-wide supply chain issues perhaps they can borrow it from McDonalds. 

Social Media Censorship Slammed After Fauci Admits Possibility Of Wuhan Lab Leak we are shocked and saddened. 

Tesla Found Guilty Of Throttling Charging Speed And Battery Capacity In Norway

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Comes Clean After Photograph Showed Her Breaking Her Own Rules

—CLO’s flying off the shelf. Sub-prime corporate debt repackaged and sold as Triple A debt. Where have we heard this before? We're at the peak of a bubble.