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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 21, 2012 presents:

"Ranting" Andy Hoffman joins us for another fun filled wrap up of all the wonderful things that aren't happening in the world. He sees Facebook as further confirmation of a completely corrupt financial system careening out of control. When the elites deliberately overprice and overhype the biggest tech IPO in history and then see it crash and burn, then you know something important is happening. Combine that with the obvious rise in nationalism across Europe and you know the seeds have been sewn for something truly cataclysmic. With flocks of "black swans" circling the world's financial centers, waiting to descend at the exact worst moment, it's time to buckle our seat belts and get ready. It's important to understand the crisis, which began in late 2007, has not ended. It was perhaps dormant for a couple of years, but it has reared its ugly head and once it takes its course, nothing will be the same, except "Ranting" Andy that is. 

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