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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 8, 2012 presents:

Alan Ellman has been writing covered calls for years. We're all skeptical of someone who appears to have a system for turning the tables on the Wall Street exploitation machine, but he's always finished up the year ahead of the machine. And his system is simple and easy to use. Of course like anything else in investing, it requires time and knowledge to become proficient at it. But Alan is confident that any motivated individual of average intelligence can succeed at it. And while FSN believes that a core precious metals holding is always essential to protecting wealth and guarding against reckless government spending and money printing, until the financial system breathes its last gasp, we all need to stay involved in investing and maximize our returns, so that we can keep our metals hoard safe and undisturbed and live off our fiat paper based income, which is why Alan's advice is so valuable. 

And he's also a dentist, but soon plans to give up his day job. 

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