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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jul 13, 2021

Nothing has changed. If you’ve followed precious metals for years as had Andy, there’s nothing new hear. Wealthy investors, sovereign wealth funds and others has been taking metal off the Comex at record rates. Don’t expect the markets to move in logical fashion. The markets are being manipulated to distract, deflect and deceive. Deliveries are accelerating at a rapid rate. Right now you’re being subsidized to buy metals. Hang on, turn off your computer if you must and sit back. Pricing is the key means of deception to keep attention off the real story. Basel III is going to have a profound effect. The UK has gotten a temporary reprieve concerning futures and physical settlement. The final chapter has not yet been written. We may see a time where London no longer sets the gold price. Eventually price will take of itself. Ultimately, it will go much higher.