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Apr 23, 2012 presents

Larken Rose, a noted libertarian, perhaps bordering on anarchist, spoke at the Ron Paul/End the Fed Rally in Philadelphia, this Sunday, 4/22/2012. Rose was quite impassioned, and he rallied the crowd. His perspective on government is that the functions it performs, it performs badly; individuals acting in concert could do a much better job. Rose's belief is that while limited government is a worthy goal of any society, in actuality it never works out the way it's intended to. Once Da Boyz have been given the right to tax, this quickly becomes the right to steal. This is how the United States has wound up in its current situation, tottering on the brink of collapse and totalitarianism. 

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eleven and a half years ago

"Larken Rose, a noted libertarian, perhaps bordering on anarchist..."

Really? I think Larken would claim to be an outright anarchist if you asked him, and might object strongly to being called a libertarian.