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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 1, 2021


How do you get your digitally marketed business to stand out amongst thousands of others? Today, Kris Reid comes on the podcast to give us some strategies that utilize web dynamics and SEO optimization—ensuring your website will take off with the right approach. It is crucial to choose your market audience widely, and identify a valuable niche that makes your services stand out. Tune in today to get indispensable advice from Reid about marketing in the digital age, and how you can utilize these tools more effectively.


-How do you get your digitally marketed business to catch the attention of others?

-Riches are in the niches; the better you can serve a smaller group of customers, the better

-You have to choose your market wisely

-The more valuable a niche, the more people are going after it

-Once you identify your niche, you have to look at the entire segment of your niche. How will you add value to your client’s life?

-With digital marketing, it is very measurable and you can easily see your return

-A benefit of SEO is that it’s compounding—you keep getting paid on it

-Google continually produces the best search results

-If you tick all the boxes Googles is looking for, it will continue to reward you with great traffic

-People go directly to Google for services, which might be the one you provide

-You need a substantial amount of links leading back to your website, because it gives you domain authority

-You need to utilize key words with buyer intent or action intent—someone is actually going to take action and help you increase your revenue

-A good web designer understands marketing

-Back-links are critical—the bigger, the better

-Only 0.21% of internet content gets substantial traffic

-Niche-relevant back-links are most ideal to help you ranks

-Important to analyze which websites generate the right investors

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