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Feb 20, 2020

Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy recently wrote a new business novel today, “Return to Orchard Canyon." As CEO of MC Companies with $1 billion in real estate investments and Bestselling Author of five books, his new book offers a non-conventional and clever way to get a financial education through powerful storytelling.

Publisher’s Weekly describes “Return to Orchard Canyon” this way, “Readers should find the simple financial lessons in this accessible and rather sweet book to be memorable and actionable.”

In the opening Ken explains, “Many people are lost financially. Finding your way starts by returning to your own Orchard Canyon.”

The three main fictional characters are based on very relatable people at different stages of life, who are searching for answers about money, careers and dreams. Through these unlikely teachers, readers learn ways to overcome modern-day challenges and find a life of happiness and freedom.

This new novel provides powerful business and financial lessons learned by characters facing their own obstacles, including:

  • How to take action to get unstuck in your career if you’re feeling trapped.
  • How to build a successful business by investing in assets and businesses.
  • No matter how old you are, a willingness to be present and go after your dreams will always bring freedom.

“Return To Orchard Canyon” is inspired by a real resort owned by the author called Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek. It’s located in Sedona, Arizona’s red rock country, just a few hours north of Phoenix, Arizona. Similar to this resort experience, the Reynolds family in this book owns this “magical escape” with log cabins and a long history (think no TV, hiking by a babbling creek, wildlife, wood-burning fireplaces, apple cider, afternoon tea and delicious four course dinners). It’s the perfect setting to reflect on your life dreams and reenergize your goals.

Readers will quickly see the financial and emotional challenges faced by the dedicated middle-age banker and dad David Reynolds, who is at the center of the story. After getting laid off from his day job, David hides his career change from the family – especially from his father Ron, who is 82 and runs the family resort, Orchard Canyon. David’s daughter Meghan is a senior in high school who’s excited to attend expensive colleges, yet “is not sure what she wants to do” (sound familiar?). Everyone learns by observing the successes of David’s ex-wife Susan, who is a former employee, and now thriving entrepreneur and investor. And David learns to see opportunities versus giving up. In the end, readers will walk away inspired to take action and more control over their own destiny and happiness.

McElroy previous self-help books (also published by RDA Press) include more direct financial education tips, including: “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing”, “The ABCs of Property Management”, “The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing”, and “The Sleeping Giant”. “Return to Orchard Canyon” is the author’s new way of providing financial education to readers based on Rich Dad principles.