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Nov 30, 2021

The markets were down on Black Friday, and I sit down with John Rubino to discuss this phenomenon along with all of the other driving factors in the economy that led to this decline. The markets seemed to be a bit spooked, and they’re back up now, but we could be in for a volatile year. Tune in for more.

-In terms of the market, everything was down on Black Friday
-The ferocity of the decline was quite intense. When a market is this overvalued, however, falls like that are expected
-There was a cause for the market tanking, and it was the announcement of the new variant of the virus. This spooked the markets
-The markets are back up today
-This could be a choppy, volatile year, and Friday’s action seems like it could be the new normal
-Germany’s inflation is at a modern record high. The question is, how much further does this have to go for them to make a major decision going forward?
-Used cars have become relatively more valuable, and people are feeling pressured to buy houses
-The inflationary psychology is turning into an inflationary pathology
-When people start to think that the world is inflationary, they start to buy precious metals
-Inflation is now as high as it was in the 70s
-As we broaden our understanding of crypto and metals, we’ll realize that they’re similar and on the same side of history, but they are not the same asset

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