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Jan 8, 2018

With SCOTUS resuming session and the focus on Gorsuch, you may be interested to know that veteran biographer John Greenya has just released a new biography -- GORSUCH: THE JUDGE WHO SPEAKS FOR HIMSELF —the first-ever biography about Justice Neil Gorsuch, a man who remains a mystery to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Greenya knew Gorsuch's mother and in GORSUCH, he supplies a comprehensive and fascinating examination of the youngest judge to be nominated to the Supreme Court in twenty-five years, answering questions like:

· How does Gorsuch compare to his legendary predecessor, Justice Antonin Scalia?
· What are some unique characteristics or ideologies Gorsuch brings to the bench?
· What can we likely expect from Gorsuch in the years to come?
· Why did President Donald Trump choose Neil Gorsuch over all others considered?