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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 19, 2020

  1. Markets keep going up and the valuation of equities is over 177% of GDP. 
  2. Dollar going down
  3. Gold going up - Warren Buffett buys Barrack and sells all his shares Goldman Sacks. He’s selling banks and buying gold stocks. Late to the game. Long term rates coming down and short term rates are near zero. Inflation target above 2%. Banks can’t make money. 
  4. Silver going up. It will become the best investment in the world. 
  5. All we need is a vaccine and we can get back to normal. Wrong. Everytime the Fed raised rates the markets choked. Then the repo market seized up. Economy was headed down before Covid 19. The debt we’ve added and the falsification of assets and fake rates. 
  6. World Economy is rapidly declining. There's no way out!