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Oct 12, 2021

I sit down with Joel Skousen to discuss international affairs—in light of recent events, people are wondering if China will invade Taiwan, and the global implications of these issues. There is little knowledge around precisely how many warheads China has, which poses a bit of a threat to the US especially. Tune in to listen to myself and Skousen discuss potential future scenarios, and to learn how you can take precautions in the event of widespread controversy.

-Will China invade Taiwan?
-It seems that the US cannot be counted upon
-China has never had any arms control agreement with the West
-They keep saying they only have 375 warheads, but no one actually knows how many the Chinese have—which downplays Chinese threats
-There will most likely be a nuclear war
-Globalists have always used war to push into the goal of a militarized global government
-The US doesn’t have the best warhead advantage
-It might be smart to get out of Bitcoin for when the Internet does go out in a war situation
-The world will probably not knit back together in the same way
-Russia and China are intending to strike—and it will probably be ready towards the end of this decade

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