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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Nov 23, 2022

Author, international real estate expert, and Austrian economics devotee John Michailidis comes on the show to discuss strategic planning and investing, which happens to be part of the title of his latest book. Many people lean on their 401k as their primary retirement plan, but John aims to enlighten people about the world of investment opportunities that exists. Take charge of your future and invest in areas that interest you, putting your money into assets that you believe in. Tune in for more expert knowledge.

-John’s book is designated to be a series of tastes
-A lot of people consider their 401k from their job to be their entire retirement plan
-Wall Street intends to maximize their own returns
-Is putting your money into the company 401k the best plan? Investing is more than just putting your money into something. There is a whole world of investing opportunity that the average person could know about
-The book is not meant to make you an expert, but to provide a general survey of investment opportunities and a list of resources that will guide you in the right direction
-With a 401k, funds are taken out of each paycheck and go towards a company that doesn’t necessarily have any allegiance towards you
-You need advisors that look out for your best interest
-You can self direct, but you need to research what that means. Investing is ultimately a team sport, and a solid collection of individuals will set you up for success
-Understand the fundamentals of the things you are investing in
-Go to conferences about what you want to invest in
-A lot of money was created in the last two years, and this money shows up in price increases
-Finances shouldn’t run your life, but they should be an important focus in life

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